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A long time ago, in a living room far, far way, a gang of Roombas went haywire and rebelled against their household. The great vacuum robot, Murphy, decided to take on the challenge of putting the wild Roombas back in their place. Will Murphy succeed? Or will he be defeated, leaving the rest of the world to the hands of the maniacal Roombas?

Revenge of the Roombas was made for the UTD SGDA game jam in the spring of 2022. The game was made in Unity, and development spanned for about a week and a half. We hope you enjoy!


W / A / S / D - Movement

O - Dash

P - Punch


Connor Boone - Animator/Rigger

Nick Maclean - Programmer

Ariana Mendez - Environment Artist

Kellyn Mendez - Programmer

Wesley Pate - Sound/Game Designer


RevengeOfTheRoombas.zip 96 MB


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Great work! It has a fun arcade feel. Getting the high score and seeing how long you can last is a good time. It's funny to see a roomba with a gun and dynamite strapped to itself.